How to control Beamer with Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are shortcuts you can use, in addition to those that appear in Beamer menus.


Play / PauseSpace bar
Play-pause Media Key
Skip back to beginningShift–Command (⌘)–Left Arrow
Skip forward to endShift–Command (⌘)–Right Arrow
Skip back 30 secondsOption–Command (⌘)–Left Arrow
Skip forward 30 secondsOption–Command (⌘)–Right Arrow
Skip back 5 minutesShift–Option–Command (⌘)–Left Arrow
Skip forward 5 minutesShift–Option–Command (⌘)–Right Arrow
Select next movieCommand (⌘)–Right Arrow
Fast Forward Media Key
Select previous movieCommand (⌘)–Left Arrow
Rewind Media Key


Open Playlist popoverShift–Command (⌘)–P
Select movieEnter
Remove movie from playlistDelete

Note: shortcuts for skipping and media key support were introduced in Beamer 2.1.

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