Why do I need to reinstall my license after updating?

It might be due to the license file being removed during update by a third party “uninstalling/clean-up” software such as AppTrap.

In order to reinstall your license and keep using “uninstalling/clean-up” software:

  1. If you have lost your license, please go to I lost my license.
  2. If you want to keep using the “uninstalling/clean-up” software on your Mac, you can easily export your license from the “License” panel within the Preferences (Beamer > Preferences > License > Export License). This will give you a file that you can double click to re-license Beamer might it get de-licensed again.
  3. Check the third party software, it might be able to “blacklist/ignore” certain specific applications. If so, add Beamer to the list.

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